SlutWalk NYC: Le Sigh

Last week, my homegirl and partner in curly hair Akiba Solomon posted a quote from wonderful perspective on the feminist-famed Slut Walk that was written by Aura Blogando which summarizes the reasons why, as a woman of color,  I have never supported this particular movement:

“If SlutWalk has proven anything, it is that liberal white women are perfectly comfortable parading their privilege, absorbing every speck of airtime celebrating their audacity, and ignoring women of color. Despite decades of work from women of color on the margins to assert an equitable space, SlutWalk has grown into an international movement that has effectively silenced the voices of women of color and re-centered the conversation to consist of a topic by, of, and for white women only. More than 30 years ago, Gloria Anzaldúa wrote, “I write to record what others erase when I speak.” Unfortunately, SlutWalk’s leadership obliterated Anzaldúa’s voice, and the marvelous work she produced theorizing what it means to be a queer woman of color. They might do us all a favor now and stop erasing the rest of us for once.”

And then of course today, I see this picture taken at the recent SlutWalk event here in New York.

Read the entire piece here.

Learn about SlutWalk here.

And good night.

update: It occurred to me this morning that I had heard this phrase before – and in 1972 when it was coined by Yoko Ono, it was still wack.

Photo taken from NYMag.com. Photo by  Konstantin Sergeyev

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