Solange Knowles, Kate Bosworth, Jim Jones, J. Cole and More Celebrate Burberry and G.Q.

As I poked through the image wires last night, I found Solange Knowles, who we already know I love, but then I happened upon actress Kate Bosworth. Sure, I can’t list anything she’s ever been on, except Orlando Bloom and Alexander Skarsgard, but that dress? That shade of blue? Fantastic. Please sign me up. Elsewhere Jim Jones stopped by Wale‘s New York concert to make people care about his debut album Ambition, just after escaping a robbery where an assailant almost shot him on Tuesday (October 25). Read the rest below.

“I was in Harlem, alone, when three men stepped to me,” Jones said. “The first guy, I beat the sh** out of him, then the second guy jumped in with a metal pipe. I was so amped up I didn’t even feel him hitting me with it … I was still putting a beating on the first guy, but when the third guy pulled out a gun, I got out of there. I left. Anyone with a brain would do the same.” – Jimmy told Miss Info, pictured above with New York’s Hot 97 radio jock Angie Martinez.

So that means the rumor that Jim’s former/ current manager Yandy Smith‘s mans’n’them didn’t jump him as retaliation for the Miami scuffle? Great.

Also, J.Cole was cute and famous folks like Ashton Kutcher abuse my eyes with that terrible beanie.

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