Atlanta Strip Clubs: Booty Bounce Etiquette for Ladies

So you’re in Atlanta and want to hang out at the booty club, of course you do. It’s pretty much a given that unlike many of the other hot spots around town, the strip club is sure to have plenty more men than women. Places like Magic City and Onyx are an undeniable part of Atlanta’s nightlife culture but before you head out, here are a few rules to keep in mind:

Do feel free to eat, drink and socialize. You’re at a club, so grab a drink, relax and have a good time.
Don’t drink too much and get so carried away that you start to take off your own clothes — you’ll need a permit for that. Unpermitted stripping, like touching the working girls, will get you tossed out.

Do feel free to chat up a guy you might be interested in, unless, of course, he appears to be mesmerized by the booty. In most cases, that’s not the case since many men will “dance” a girl – pay for a lap dance – without really paying her much attention. It’s an ego thing guys sometimes do to show whoever may be watching that they’ve got dispensable income and aren’t thirsty about a naked women gyrating in front of them.

Do time your approach when asking a girl to dance. Some of the popular ones may be hemmed up and unavailable, dancing up a storm for the guy who isn’t paying attention. Wait your turn, she’ll eventually take a break. When you do make your move, politely asking “Can I/he get a dance?” Unless she has another customer waiting, it’s highly unlikely that she’ll say no.

Don’t be shy about talking to the dancers. If you’re a lady in the company of a male who’s getting a dance, most of the time the dancer will at the least make small talk with you so that you’re comfortable enough to want to stay and continue spending money.

Do tell the young lady how many songs you want her to dance to ahead of time if it’s more than two. You don’t want any discrepancy over your tab. If you’re busy talking and having a good time, it’s likely that the dancer will just keep dancing until you tell her to stop. I’m not saying this is done on purpose, but only some will ask if they should keep going.

Don’t even think about grabbing for any dollars in your vicinity if it starts raining in the club. Not only is it considered poor form, but the dancers don’t appreciate it and consider that stealing.
Otherwise, Strip club kickin’ it is very much like hanging at the regular club. Afterward, life returns to normal. Dancers are regular people too so there’s no need to be alarmed if you run into one at the mall, which is almost inevitable if you patronize their club and live in the metro area.

Do be mindful that this is the south and people here generally speak to each other. So, if there’s eye contact, speak and keep it moving. That’s a safe bet, unless you’re in a social situation where the circumstance for conversation is natural. In that case:

Don’t be rude — by all means, talk to the woman. Just like in real life, some dancers are genuine and talkative, while others are anti-social. If the vibe is right and Patty is feeling chatty, you’ll know. Play it cool and be yourself.

Now that you’ve got a handle on some basic rules, you’re ready to make it rain. Here are a few notable spots to get you in the strip club game:

Magic City 241 Forsyth Street SW, Atlanta, GA

Monday is still the most popular night to hang at this infamous A-town favorite. The waitresses make food and beverage service quick and easy. Be forewarned, the club is a bit on the small side and on a busy night the chance of a naked body in your personal space is relatively high.

Club Onyx 1888 Cheshire Bridge Road NE, Atlanta, GA

Ladies Night Thursdays is a deal that will save you some dough at the door and free up those extra one dollar bills for tips. This spacious club is equipped with two bars, plenty of seating and a pool table. The bathroom, unfortunately, is the most lacking in terms of space. There is one stall for all the ladies in the building so time your drinks and bathroom breaks accordingly.

Cheetah Lounge 887 Spring Street, Atlanta, GA

Cheetah is a club for the discriminating patron and probably the most ideal for an amateur club-goer. Management enforces strict rules for both dancers and patrons. You probably won’t learn any real tricks to take home and practice at this joint as it is best known for its sanitized “showgirl-style” straight-laced lap dances but you’ll be comfortable.

The Clermont Lounge 789 Ponce De Leon Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA

Known for its hard drinks and harder-looking dancers, The Clermont is the about the gulliest yet most entertaining of Atlanta strip clubs. Lots of soon to be retired dolls dance here however celebs like Kid Rock and other rocker types usually fall through incognito. Cheap drinks and giggles are the best this spot has to offer.

– Talia

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