Big Sean’s ‘A$$’ & The Internet’s ‘Cocaine’

I could launch into an endless tirade about how Big Sean’s latest video for “Dance (A$$) Remix” feat. Nicki Minaj is completely objectifying and only adds to the problem of how women of color are portrayed in pop culture and the media … but I won’t because a) I dropped it to this very song (like Nicki) over the weekend at a party and b) I can’t take any man who wears leather t-shirts and blows on his pinky rings too seriously.

Meanwhile in L.A., Syd the Kid & Matt Martian of Odd Future’s side project The Internet is awesome in theory. I’m not the biggest OFWGKTA fan at all, but I was impressed with her beat-making skills. Still, her idea of a great date kinda gradually starts to suck as it involves a trip to the carnival (ok good), snuggles and rides (nice) and then some lines of cocaine, dropping ecstasy and sparking up a bowl and throwing me out of the car if I can’t handle a potentially life threatening combo of drugs. OK. Shock value to keep up with her crew maybe or just good for SEO business? Storyline aside, it’s a good visual directed by Matt Alonzo.

Check out both videos below and remember to just say no:

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