Drake’s ‘Take Care’ Leaks: Parlour’s Bullet Point Review

What happened last night? Well, I celebrated my 31st birthday and realized things shouldn’t be so stressful, right? It’ll all work itself out, I just need to do my part and for my religious part, pray about it and move forward. That’s all I can do … so I finally had the mental capacity to listen to music again and actually enjoy it. #shocking Let’s start with Drake’s Take Care leak in a few bullet points:

– I never want to hear The Weeknd say “n—as” every again, and I couldn’t understand the rest of his synthed out verse on “Crew Love.” Not that I particualarly care what he’s saying anyway, dude’s boring.

– Drake’s still emo and I don’t mind. I like the down-tempo beats. As I said at a dinner party on Friday, Aubrey’s really a senstitive nerdy Canadian but plays this sexy man on wax. Still, he’s honest about how the music industry makes him feel alienated and so he must find comfort in the arms of strangers. I applaud his sincerity and that his sexy character is something he takes on and off like a cloak, instead of Rick Ross who actually believes his fantasy now. *sigh*

– Sexual tension is always enjoyable. Rihanna is featured on the title track “Take Care” and I can’t stop thinking about how their one-night (multiple nights?) stand must’ve gone down.

Her: So that was fun.

Him: Wait, we’re not doing this again?

Her: *giggles* Oh, Drake, you don’t want me …

Him: *thinks to himself, “Do I?”*

– Wayne says he met a “female dragon and had a fire conversation” on “HYFR.” I wish he’d said “fiery,” just grammatically speaking.

– Like the beat for “Underground Kings,” and when Drake says “ways” in a high-pitched voice, I giggle. Probably like Rihanna.

– Just Blaze’s drums on “Lord Knows” makes me miss his early 00’s production and somehow Jay-Z’s “Show Me What You Got” … just me? I like this track, and I like Ross’ grunting and jokes about sweating in a saunas with old Jewish men. Pause.

Ultimately, I’ve got to sit with Drake’s sophomore album a bit more but it’s not a bad effort and I can say honestly that I like it better than Lil Wayne’s attempt at sober rap, which sounds mean, but we’re all family here, right ladies?

ps. What 90’s song is sampled on “Cameras”?

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