Heavy D and The Boyz’s ‘Somebody For Me’: Good (Morning) Video

Good Morning ladies! Remember the late eighties/early nineties when video girls came in all colors, wore (now) questionable but not booty-revealing clothes and guys who could really dance were the coolest ones at the party? Heavy D was all of that and more—he could rhyme, produce, dance, and talked about women in a way that made you feel sexy and confident…like “yeah, I want a guy to talk to me like THAT.” And if you listen closely, he rarely cursed. His 1989 track “Somebody for Me” has been my go-to jam for as long as I can remember, peep Heavy D and The Boyz (Eddie F, Trouble T-Roy (RIP) and G-Whiz) plus a really young Al. B. Sure with his future baby mama Kim Porter in the screenshot above. Reminisce and celebrate the life of Heavy D this morning by a good four minutes of the running-man and body moving.

Rest in peace Dwight “Heavy D” Myers, we’ll miss you. Video below:

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