Hermain Cain Probably Shouldn’t Joke About Anita Hill, Ever

Whenever I hear or see Herman Cain speak, I always wonder if he really is Clarence Thomas’ ratchety older brother who shares a passion for a little sexual harassment after coffee. Well, as The New York Times reported this morning — maybe I’m not that far off.

“The exchange between Mr. Cain and a supporter was caught on tape by a Fox News camera at a campaign stop in Kalamazoo, Mich. It first aired Thursday night on the network’s “Special Report” program. 

According to the video, a person in the crowd mentioned Ms. Hill to Mr. Cain, who responded, jokingly, “Is she going to endorse me?” prompting laughter.”

*Smacks self on forehead*

For a man whose current sexual harassement accusations and settlements are on full blast, any jokes about Anita Hill — whose solid allegations of sexual misconduct by the then Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas defined the idea of sexual harassement in the nineties and influenced workplace policy — should be avoided like the plague. Word to Virginia.

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