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Kim Kardashian’s Divorce: Good for Women?

“Reality shows don’t focus on what it takes to build real relationships—instead, they’re all about persuading women to lower their romantic standards and their caloric intake long enough to con some douchey stranger into slapping a product-placement ring on it.”

In an interesting take on the eye-rolling madness now known as ‘The Karadashian Divorce,” The Daily Beast’s Jennifer Pozner examines the entire situation and how it offers a moment of transparency into reality TV. While most of modern society tends to scoff at the idea of arranged marriages, are we basically condoning the idea when it’s wrapped in a tv package with presenting sponsors? If young women are looking up to reality stars and their road to manufactured bliss as an example, perhaps this is a wake-up call that the basic foundations of marriage doesn’t come with television cameras.

Why Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Is Good for America—and Women [The Daily Beast]

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