‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 2 Brawls Its Way Out of My Heart

L-R: Chrissy Lampkin, Mona Scott-Young, Olivia Longott

In celebration of Veteran’s Day, I decided to get #rachet by attending the “Love & Hip Hop” screening on New York’s east side on Friday (November 11). In Pranna’s back room filled with tables, myself and a cluster of bloggers and journalists sipped Bartenura Moscato and watched the first episode of the second “Love & Hip Hop” season between plates of chinese food. So how was it? Did Chrissy really hit that new girl Kimbella? Does Kimbella get up and knock her out? Ehn …

I like to do hoodrat shit with my friends too but I liked “Love & Hip Hop” because the cast members, Chrissy Lampkin, Olivia Longott, Emily Bustamante, Jim Jones and Somaya Reece, weren’t fighting like the “Basketball Wives” while claiming to be a lady. Not to mention they cursed like me, who doesn’t need to toss out a good “fuck outta here” every once in awhile? And while the second season boasts two new characters, Yandy Smith, Jim Jones’ manager, and Kimbella Vanderhee, the mother of Juelz Santana’s son, it’s upped the drama but slipped in my taste.

I’m all for #rachetmondays most times because as Nakia said, reality shows like these are escapist entertainment but damn, I refuse to defend it and congratulate people acting like 14 year olds even though they’re creeping on 40. Chrissy is sucker punching chicks and acting like it’s normal and even ladylike? Then during the question and answer session following the screening with Jim Jones, Chrissy, Olivia and her manager Rich Dollars, when Lampkin was asked about the effect her depiction will have on the representation of black women, this was her response:

“Everybody knows it wasn’t pretty and things happen in life, and I’m over it and I hope everybody else can be. I’m human and I love hard. I saw my friend being hurt and that’s what I reacted to and I know it’s about self-control and I’m working on it.”

Fuck outta here.

I’d rather her just reference this, say “I did it for the cash ya’ honor” and move along. Chrissy is carving her niche as the villan and I get it. Still, the most interesting point during the Q&A however was when a writer from News International I think asked, in a innocent but brash way, why the cast were so keen to sell their personal lives on television. To be fair, she essentially called them each attention whores and demanded to know their motivation but the best part was the cast’s reaction; Olivia smiled like ‘Oh lord,’ Chrissy looked up like ‘This bitch … ‘ and Jim got angry and tried to turn the table on the writer.

“Do you write because you love it or because you get paid to write?” Jimmy asked the writer with a smirk.

Her: I do it because I get paid I suppose.

Him: Right, 40% of television now is reality, there’s money in reality tv. It’s not like it was when we was growing up with “The Cosby Show” and things like that …

Her: OK, but that wasn’t the answer to my question …*

Then another writer asked pretty much the same question and shaded the original writer … in front of the entire press room. It was an interesting dynamic. Sure, the News International (?) writer’s questions wasn’t presented in the right space, soul searching questions like those if you want an honest answer can only be asked one-on-one, but it’s a fair question. If you know you can’t control yourself and act your age, then why invite a camera in to capture the moments where you go “ape-shit” as the show’s producer Mona Scott described?

Maybe I’m too old for the shenanigans, but I can’t say that I’ll be tuning in though I’m sure Shannon will. She’s got “Real Housewives of New Jersey” and “Atlanta” on lock, plus all of those VH1 dating shows so I’m sure there will be Parlour run-downs in our future but I doubt it will be from me.

You can form your own opinion tonight Nov. 14 at 9 p.m. ET for the national debut of “Love & Hip Hop” season two. What’s your opinion, I’d love to know!

* paraphrased to protect the sleepy.

** I still support Yandy and Jim from my soapbox and praise the Gods that Emily is leaving Fabulous. Like Toya of “Tiny & Toya” before her, I just want Emily to win. Congrats!

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