Mary J. Blige’s ‘I Can Love You’: Throwback!

Since we’ve just returned from Occupy Barbados* and I’m about to hop on another flight in two hours, it’s been all VH1 Soul this morning with the @parlourmagazine roomie. As you may or may not know, he’s a die-hard Mary J. Blige fan and her new album My Life 2 hits shelves today. In celebration, we’ve been watching Mary videos for the last hour and it made me remember my favorite, “I Can Love You” with a pre-surgery Lil’ Kim who actually looks fantastic. I miss that Kim … and the lead model’s hair net, glasses and futuristic jacket?!? What were we doing to convince ourselves that style was cute? Smh, anyway hop on your ninja Honda with me and reminisce to “I Can Love You.” Read the rest

*Occupy Barbados is an inside, we fully support the Occupy Wall Street movement and stand in solidarity with all of the voices around the world.

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