What Would You Trade for Two Weeks in New Zealand?

There’s no question that between the three of us, one thing that we love to do is travel. At the drop of a hat, you can find either me, Shannon or Hillary on the beaches of Barbados or the streets of Rotterdam running about, checking out the scene then coming back to tell you all about it.  So when we heard of this amazing promotion from Tourism New Zealand, we had to get involved and spread the word. After all it’s no fun if the homies can’t have none!

We’ve had our eye on New Zealand since falling in love with Electric Wire Hustle last year. It’s a bit off the map, but its mysterious landscapes and beautiful shores have been marveled by many.  So as we in the US and Europe experience winter this December and January, Tourism New Zealand is giving away two amazing prizes during these months where they will fly two winners (with a guest) to New Zealand to experience either their Summer Rhythm package–A two-week long road-trip along the East Coast of New Zealand ending in Gisborne for the Rhythm & Vines music festival or Beaches and Boats package–two weeks exploring New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.

All you have to do is reach inside of yourself and ask: what prized possession would you be willing to give up to have an amazing travel experience?  The idea of the Stories Beat Stuff program is to ask individuals to question what is more important: material possessions or life experiences.  Then once you have answered that question, everything else is gravy.  Just decide what you can live without–whether it’s your favorite pair of Louboutins, your prized DVD collection or your dog– take a video or photo of it and upload to the Stories Beat Stuff website.  Then get all of your friends to vote on your idea via the Stories Beat Stuff website or your Facebook or Twitter page. Those with the highest votes will win one of the amazing summer packages courtesy of Tourism New Zealand.

I loved this idea, so of course I put my hat in the ring.  Here’s a picture of my lovely Louis Vuitton bag. It has been with me for ages.

You can vote for my idea HERE.

This guy Peter is trading everything in his room. I’m not suggesting all of that, but hey– how bad do you want it?

Now, it’s your turn.  Visit Stories Beat Stuff to upload your video or image and enter for your chance to win.  Deadline for all entries is November 31st, so you don’t have much time.  BUT if you miss the boat, Tourism New Zealand will be offering a number of experiences just like this one, so there will be more to come. Just  “Like: New Zealand on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/purenewzealand) for updates on what’s next.

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