B Angie B: Throwback!

Big hair, sequins, spandex and booty poppin’ and big voice to match? Before Ciara, Kelly, and even Beyonce—there was B. Angie B.

Born Angela Boyd in Mississippi, she became B Angie B after being introduced to MC Hammer in the late eighties and appearing as a guest vocalist on his double platinum album Let’s Get It Started. Later on, she provided vocals for original bad girls Oaktown 357 with the hit she’s most associated with “Juicy Gotcha Krazy,” and solidified my love for spandex bodysuits as a kid. As a solo artist, she released two records, but her hit remake of The Emotions “I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love” will forever be imbedded in memory. Think about it like this, she was dropping it for days and still managing to sing like she was back in a Mississipi choir and her hair never moved. My mom always thought she was the New Jack version of Tina Turner, but for me it was just plain awesome. I rediscovered my love for Angie after a hilarious music debate this week in Miami during Art Basel, its amazing what some brunch and margaritas can inspire. Relive the nineties below and all hail Miss B Angie B:

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