Chris Turner, Pac Div, Audra + SIYA, & More: Midday Jams!

Annnnd I’m back! Other than it being one more day closer to Friday, I’m excited because tomorrow night I’ll be checking out Oakland native Chris Turner live for the first time at a private soiree in Brooklyn, NY. Shout out to T3T. After hearing The Stuyvesants-produced “Liquid Love,” I was sold and soon you will be. Also, if you see Maybach Music’s Audra The Rapper and SIYA in a dark alley and they aren’t rapping, you probably should run – but see what happens when the ladies get ahold of Drake’s “The Motto” beat. And if your going through Art Basel Miami ratchetness withdraw like myself, the new video from for “Top Down” from Pac Div featuring Casey Veggies and Skeme should bring it all back. After that, check out Danny Brown’s video for “Monopoly” and try not to get caught up in his “eight-grade-played-too-hard-at-recess” bangs because he’s actually kinda awesome. Good day ladies!


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