DJ Bemi’s ‘Future Soul’: Parlour Jams!

Happy Monday ladies! It’s almost the end of the year, only one more Monday left in 2011. Crazy, right? Well, it might not be 1999 but we’d like you to party like it is even if you’re stuck at your office desk. Sherry, our resident London Parlourista, introduced us to DJ Bemi, a new name stateside and a London club scene fixture and he’s cooked up a lovely groove that’s perfect for putting a smile on your face before you battle Christmas shoppers (or slow internet connections?) for gifts. Check out what makes DJ Bemi tick and listen to his lovely jams below. Ready?

Born and raised?

London. Born in Croydon actually, but I try to keep that quiet!

How did you start spinning?

I have been spinning since my teens, rocking house parties before graduating to clubs. Right now my vibe is soulful and futuristic.

Favorite song to play at the height of the party?

This has to be D’angelo’s ‘Spanish Joint.’ It seems to be popular among more people than I expect and always gets a good reaction.

What did you want to be when you were little?

A chef, back then all I knew was they cooked good food and I would be able to get it for free!

Who are you DJ idols?

Norman Jay, he gave me a musical education, and Jazzy Jeff, he’s the best performer I have seen.

Who is the most interesting person in the world?

Adam Curtis, always gives you food for thought with his documentaries.

What’s your favorite country to visit?

Ghana, a beautiful place with accommodating people.

What’s your favorite saying?

“Cut your coat according to your cloth,” that’s one of my mum’s!

What piece of clothing do you wear everyday, barring undies?

My jeans, I’m lucky enough to work in an industry where casual dress is the norm. Not the same pair though!

What’s the last thing you bought to wear?

A dark maroon shirt from Paul Smith, haven’t worn it yet.

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Playing music loudly in my car, it just sounds so good!

Favorite movie?

Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train, blew my mind.

Five favorite songs?

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth’s “They Reminiscence Over You (T.R.O.Y.)”
Donald Byrd’s “Think Twice”
Erykah Badu’s “Didn’t Cha Know”
Roy Ayers’ “Life is Just a Moment pt. 2”
Fela Kuti’s “Water get No Enemy”

What’s your definition of a good day?

When I have been in the company of good people, good food and goods tunes!

Listen to Bemi’s Parlour Jam! mix below or download here and catch him next at the annual Amplified Pre-New Year’s party. Know a Parlour-worthy DJ,  email me at hillary@parlourmagazine.com!


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