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Dutch Mag Jackie Calls Rihanna ‘Ultimate Niggabitch’

In an article published in the latest issue of Dutch fashion magazine Jackie, the magazine offers a little advice on how to dress like Rihanna without looking like the “ultimate niggerbitch.” That’s right. No typo there. Check out the full English translation below:

“She has street cred, she has a ghetto ass and she has a golden throat. Rihanna, the good girl gone bad, is the ultimate niggabitch and displays that gladly, and for her that means: what’s on can come off. If that means she’ll be on stage half naked, then so be it. But Dutch winters aren’t like Jamaican ones, so pick a clothing style in which your daughter can resist minus ten. No to the big sunglasses and the pornheels, and yes to the tiger print, pink shizzle and everything that glitters. Now let’s hope she won’t beat anybody up at daycare.”

Two hours ago, Jackie Editor in Chief Eva Hoeke posted the below apology on the magazine’s Facebook page:

Dear readers,

First: thanks for all your responses. We are of course very fed up over this and especially very
shocked. However I’m glad that we’re engaging in a dialogue on this page — not everybody does
that. Thanks for this. Other than that I can be brief about this: this should have never happened.
Period. While the author meant no harm — the title of the article was intended as a joke — it was a bad joke, to say the least. And that slipped through my, the editor-in-chief’s, fingers. Stupid, painful and sucks for all concerned. The author has been addressed on it, and now I can only ensure that these terms will no longer end up in the magazine. Furthermore I hope that you all believe there was absolutely no racist motive behind the choice of words. It was stupid, it was naive to think that this was an acceptable form of slang — you hear it all the time on tv and radio, then your idea of what is normal apparently shifts — but it was especially misguided: there was no malice behind it. We make our magazine with love, energy and enthusiasm, and it can sometimes happen that someone is out of line. And then you can only do one thing: apologize. And hope that others wish to accept it.

From the bottom of my heart I say it again: we never intended to offend anyone. And I mean that.


Eva Hoeke

So, as editor in chief, Hoeke had no idea that this was offensive before running it and actually considered it a joke? In addition to being blatantly racist, calling Rihanna Jamaican (she’s from Barbados) and actually suggesting that mothers should dress their daughters like her, this article is just wrong from every angle.

According to our source in Holland, Jackie is a well known local fashion publication with a circulation of 57,700 copies per month.

(This all just makes me want  Prosecco and vagina cupcakes. Le Sigh- Shannon)

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  • Jturnerariel

    So, as long as you are black you can make comments like this but if white, off limits? If a black journalist had made same comments there would be no controversy.

  • Anonymous

    You’re wrong. Nigga is used in public. Listen to snoop dogg.
    Only Americans think of racism the moment the term nigga is used, Black Americans only look towards history and wallow in self-pity. I mean, America is about to be surpassed by China. Dutch people could care less, they look towards the future.

  • Josh


    What happened to blacks 150+ years ago was horrible, but it DOES NOT
    apply to today’s world… Sure, there is still racism as some ignorant
    people are gonna hate, but everyone is equal in our country… Hell, our
    President is half african american…  The majority of our country voted for an african american man to run this country… I think that speaks for itself on
    how our country has evolved from racism… You are just creating hatred
    towards white people by stating your views… You are a racist yourself
    that hates white people and are using slavery (again, something that
    doesn’t apply to today’s world) as an excuse for your hatred… You are as free as anyone else so stop with your bulls**t! Also, never have I referred to white people as “MY” people… Why segregate? When I refer to “my people,” I refer to the human race in general… Not 1 race over another… Look in the mirror! You are racist yourself!

  • Rosie

    Poppa, you are ignorant.

  • Rosie

    While I understand where you’re coming from, I think Casandraft has every right to vent.

  • Rosie

    But you’re the one reading all the comments. So who’s wasting whose time?

  • Adhakari_7

    And so was your mother

  • Tramaine_21

    ur disgusting…good luck getting into heaven with a defiled heart like yours.

  • Purvis3g

    yes slavery was abhorrent to say the least, but why cant we as a culture just move on. Ask any psychiatrist and theyll tell you that the best thing to do is to just move on. that is not to say we should forget it, but that we stop dwelling in the evils of the past and start looking towards a brighter future where race is no longer an issue to fight over; but something our grandchildren can look at with pitty when they read how ignoratnt their ancestors were


    wait…as the editor-in-chief it means that you actually go through all the mag’s articles before they are printed right?! so everyone in that office is guilty!!!!! do you think people are stupid?!!! we might be nigger..but guess what we’re prod of the black blood running through our veins..if you’ve a problem with it…DEAL WITH IT!!!

  • Lkinyanjui2004

    takes one to know one..dont u think?!!

  • ManInTheMirror

    It’s time you took this page down and you know why

  • TanyaQ

     It’s because people think it’s fine to say/write  whatever they think in Dutch media. Even if it’s insulting and racist. In the Netherlands it’s called freedom of speech. The language barrier excuse is a farce, because the writer and editor do know English. They interview foreign celebrities all the time.  As an editor in chief, with her education and experience, she should’ve known that using the N word is never ok.

  • Gina

    roos, i like the Dutch opinion for the niggabitch, it is strait, it is direct, it is exact, it is truthfull!… it is NOT bad, it is the real life!

  • don’t care what other black folks think, i know most white folks still consider us a nigger.

  • Gina

    What’s the difference between:
    “A black man, and A Nigger”?
    the same as a white man and A white man, or yellow man and A Chinese…, a red man and indian…, I learned this at school (Russia, 1970)…don’t you see, people these are words only…, yes, a lot of pain behind them, go on therapist…, treat yourself…, will take centuries but will heal the scar…, now, when i live is US and know that my black friends are offended to be called nigers, I avoid this word, but actually they are black, they are nigro…, i just avoid the word…, and what is the difference bet. Barbados and Jamaica? Should I be offeneded if I tell and American that I lived in Bulgaria, and she will respond: “ooo, the country with the watches???!!!< no my dear, they are two very different country…, Gosh, I am glad to live in America!

  • amy

    You have got to be kidding me. I thought we were so past this kind of thinking. It is so sad that some people are still so stupid.

  • ManOhMan

    People like you only regard the history you want to regard. Africans were not the only people who were enslaved and were  treated like animals and bread – that is what slavery is all about. If you really study history, and not just the past 200 years, you would see that all human empires was built on slaves:   Greece, Egypt, Rome, Persia, the Aztecs, etc…. ALL.   Stop harping about slavery and use the opportunities available to you so you can build a better future for yourself and your descendants.  You were not born into slavery,  so maybe if you concentrate your energy on something productive, history will remember as someone great, say like Spartacus, who was born as a slave.

  • 1Shelleybelly

    Wow…there is nothing in this article that is worth printing…where were the editors…
    It was tacky if nothing else. Fashion Mag….please give us all a break. This article has taken the credibility of fashion ( which is about expression and the appreciation of the individual) back 200 years.  Corset and Schackels please…

  • TanyaQ

    Who wrote the piece of crap? Does anyone know who the writer is?

  • Lauren

    I’m dutch and I’ve read some discussions on facebook and websites about this subject. It makes me sad that a lot of people think that everyone in the Netherlands is a racist. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I really didn’t like the article at all and I think it’s a very stupid mistake. But don’t blame a whole country for the mistake of one woman (or a few, anyone who’s working at Jackie magazine). In Holland, there live so many people from many different origines. We learned to respect eachother because we deal with eachother every day. We know about our country’s past and we are not proud of it, but we recognize that it made us who we are and we learned from it. Yes, ofcource there are racists in the Netherlands like Wilders. But there are racists in EVERY country. In our culture you can say whatever you want. This is not always a good thing, because people could get hurt with words. Still, I think that most of the dutch people agree that this article should have never been published. 

    I just want to say to everyone who says the dutch are racists: You have no idea what you’re talking about. 

  • Jasmybell

    everyone has the ‘right’ to vent. but REALLY? you didnt post anything more because you wouldnt be able to handle your ignorant words being shredded as well. None of what CASANDRAFT states is of any relevance, or truth….my self I come from a white mother and black father…and have no problem with saying that the majority of white folks need to educate themselves before posting anything as such. CASANDraft……is a NIGGER and you my dear are a Nigger lover.

  • Jasmybell

    can we move on? a famous magazize just called RiRI…a nigger bitch……and this is only the one insult that was blatanly printed and dist. …..can we move on?

  • Jasmybell

    my apologies CASANDRAFT….Poppa was whom i was speaking on not you. my bad.

  • Jasmybell

    sit behind your computer typing all your ignorant comments….its the only thing you probably have to make you feel relevant. But on the real side, your just a coward, and a boneless slug…go slither awy slug…go away

  • Jasmybell


  • WOW

    Really? So you thought everyone in Holland thought this way? WOW whose the racist now.  Yoou are either uneducated or a racist or have no business commenting until you learn to say what you mean because right now in my view both you and the writer of this article are racists.

  • Sharon

    Yes, The magazine is WRONG,but, young people here in the U.S. use this word frequently as a term of endearment to each other. I hear it among my son’s friends all the time(whom I speak to about it) the magazine made the mistake of thinking this speech is ok. We must do more about the speech our young people use.

  • Anonymous

    What about the entertainment industry that literally forces black women to have “gone bad” or “gone nasty” and every other slutty persona, in order to be promoted?

    The problem is with the industry and for this woman to be a willing participant, for money. So what do you call that?

  • WTF! white dude your a jerk.

    Your a sodimizer with no balls or human pride. You have no American value and live with your parents or they gave you no sense of value. How dare you dout he kicked some ass. How dare you dout any of us huge dicked humans(blacks) are scared to get absolutly phycsical with your kind of thinkers. All threw high school early 90-94 I must had smashed close to 30 good sized subburb kids who thought cus I was Metco I was nervous in there neck of the woods shit please!!! white kids would either be on my jock sweating every aspect of my inner city ways or they tried to isolate me with rasist rander. The point being almost no blacks are afraid of whites in this country cus your all cowerds hiding behind laws your ancesors created that still are the rules of today which is fucking insaine. You just be happy your white and living life IN THE BOX.

    you might want to consider making a friend out of a black person cus we are awsome!!!!!!
    Ask your sister aunt wife any girl. LOL
    oyeah gfys *2

  • Wtf! white dude your a jerk.

    You are very much correct, and I wish I read your comment before I replied but whatever spilled milk. I’m not sure what ethnocentrism means but peace to you and good statement friend. Well spoken.

  • Marisha Johnson

    I’m really on your level. You spoke nothing but the truth.

  • Aritchmoor

    I really don’t understand the fuss.  The names of the original inhabitants of this continent have been hidden and lost for ages, so why get concerned now?
    She entered “their world, their lifesstyle” takes their endorsements, wears their clothes, and now gets upset because  their marks put upon us have never gone away?  So, what is Rihanna’s nationality? 
    Why don’t these entertainers stop straddling the fence?

  • Uknowdastory8

    WOW, as defensive as you are, I think where bsbfranken was coming from was not racist, but based on the fact that a writer wrote this heinous article and had it published when the writers are supposed to be a voice for the people (their readers, who are Dutch), otherwise, they would not make the big bucks. Thus, it’s only right that one may think that a selective group of people feel this way because the writer alone did NOT approve of the article for it to be edited and published!

  • Aritchmoor

    Gina dear,
    this is exactly why there is so much controversy over such marks (words).
    You have a nationality I am sure and so do the nations of people who came to be called “blacks, Negros, coloreds, ethiopians” and all manners of degradation after being dominated by a racist culture from European descent.
    When people start understanding that there can never be a color given to or designated for a nation of  “humanity”, perhaps all this nonsense will cease.
    People are fearful of the truth, that is why this subject is crap!

  • Ali Antar

    Freedom of speech !

  • Sable

    Rihanna is an adult entertaining supply entertainment for adults. She did not create the market, but like most Blacks: dominant once given the opportunity. Of course, like most dominating young, there is a chance she may crash and burn. But, with Rihanna she is smart and has learned from the best…JayZ…Go Marcy.

  • Drltillman

    whoever the fuck called her out of her name did it on purpose and is jealous that she has so much fame and power not only do n***** like her but so do the rest of the races so kiss rihanna’s ass cause you are making her more money haters and kiss mines to bitch

  • Shelley – Ann Huggins

    I’m not challenging you, but I’m never heard the N word used quite in this way anywhere in the United States! 

    I totally agree that the word should be banned for EVERYONE, not just white people, and I hate that some aspects of popular culture have stupid people like Eva Hoeke and her staff thinking its okay to call a woman, ANY woman a “nigga” and a bitch. 

    That said, I can’t agree that “niggabitch” is a word combination that is popular, mainstream and accepted in the US, like Eva Hoeke has claimed. All in all, it was still a bone-headed thing to allow being printed in a magazine targeted at young girls. She should have known better. 

  • Shelley – Ann Huggins

    Yeah …. right. And only a racist would come with such a “bright” argument. I certainly hope you don’t speak for the majority of dutch people.

  • Alicia

    You are very correct on this part of why the civil war was fought, it also concerned state rights, it was not mainly to free the slaves like we are so often brain washed in school.  On the same token there were whites that have disagreed with slavery from the beginning and worked to end it; the underground railroad was possible due to those white people that hid run away slaves along the way risking themselves for what they felt and correctly so was an evil practice.  You could also consider the fact that African slavery was started in Africa by warring tribes; they would battle and the losers would end up as slaves.  That the earliest records of slavery are from North Africa and Egypt.   Then you can also look at the fact that it was the white Dutch that first began buying these slaves from other Africans (the winners) and taking them to other countries spreading it.  That it was the greed of the white plantation owners that kept slavery going.  Either way you can place blame all around and soak in it until hate, discrimination (on both sides) is prevelant (like it has become too often, on both sides).   People justifying that it is ok to keep thinking of everyone else that looks different themselves as inhuman and ok to treat badly or you can try and have people work together as a positive functioning society.  Where people treat eachother with respect and carring for their fellow human beings.  It all really depends on how you choose to live your life; in hate, resentment, and fear, or in love, hope, and carring. 

  • cheesehead

    As a Dutch, I do believe the editor-in-chief truly had no idea that the term was offensive. The only reason I know, is because I asked a fellow (black) student what the whole deal was when I was studying in Montana. The white student were to afraid to even explain it, they just said: “don’t use the word!”

    The meaning of the word is completly lost in translation and this is the reason: “Pull the trigger pull the trigger BOOM And end a nigga end a niggas life so soon” or “I ain’t saying she’s a golddigger, but she ain’t messing with no broke …. ”

    Just asking to show some mercy to people who learn English language by participating in popular culture. I will never use the word because the cultural meaning was thought to me by this MT friend. Not everybody is that lucky.

    Why is nobody offended by the fact that womensmagazines deem it normal to call females bitches?

  • Cheesehead

    oh by the way: The article is damn lame too. They purposely make mistakes because they believe it would be a form of slang. The first line should be translate as: ““She have street cred, she have a ghetto ass and she have a golden throat.” This magazine is focused on 30+ and it makes me sick that they use this derogatory tone.

  • Anonymous

    Rihanna uses the word nigga extensively in her own lyrics to refer to black people. That’s not racist but this is? Black americans are so hypocrite. White people are hypocrite the most but black people copied it so nicely. For example, I love how white Americans pro-life people can argue for the death penalty. Or how there’s tons of violence on tv but the word fuck is bleeped out. LOL? In any case, you don’t get to pick and choose that the word nigga is racist sometimes and not racist another time. I don’t like hypocrites like Rihanna. Black people are the most racist too, to homosexuals! The racist calling non-racists racist! We Dutch people can see through your American hypocrisy clearly.

  • Edwin

    Rihanna has a double standard: she uses these terms herself. Example is her song G4L, where the N-bomb is used once and the B-bomb thrice.
    I hear these terms on the street, in movies, and especially on the radio. Rihanna should take this opportunity to challenge herself and her industry to become more civilized and clean themselves up.

  • Jerry

    Just like one ignorant foreign (Dutch) magazine does not represent all whites.

  • DeShaunteelahfee

    Where any of you niggers ever a slave?  Did not think so. So STFU and get back to your KFC and wauteemellen 😉

  • DeShaunteelahfee

    Dat mageezeen should apolonize foe dey spellun cauw. Reehonna aint no nigga bitsh, she uh NIGGER  BITCH!

  • Babybrother44

    why r so many white people historically racist about people of color?  Why did they attempt to colonize all the non-whites on the planet:  India, African’s, Asians, Original Black Australians; native indians/Hispanics/Latino’s:  Why so much hate? And they continue to hate even though they have stole everyone’s above natural resources and land and became trillionare’s and the leaders on planet Earth.

  • StayAwayFromStinky

    So you’re saying it’s a racist insult to be Jamaican!! YOU said it, not us.