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Dzine’s Imperial (Treasure) Nails Discovery

While in Miami for Art Week / Art Basel Miami this past week for work, I had the opportunity to get beautified and participate in an art installation at Dzine’s Imperial Nails Salon, presented by Perrier. Chicago based artist Dzine has always had an affinity for grooming, especially growing up in a house that his mother turned into a home beauty salon. Recently, he teamed up with The Standard Hotels to publish Nailed, a comprehensive look at creative nail culture around the world and a platform for his own ornate nail creations. To celebrate it’s release, he transformed and recreated his mother’s living-room salon inside a room at The Standard Spa, Miami (aka my second home) and invited pop-culture and art world notables and socialites to sip on a Perrier and get their own nails blinged out.

above: Dzine’s Nail Bling

Upon entering, I felt like I was in my own abuela’s house in the mid-70s. Waiting for me was the uber-sweet Meika, a local Miami nail technician that Dzine had found a few weeks prior. While browsing all of the nail pieces that Dzine had created, I found myself looking at her nails more.

above: Miss Meika

Ladies, let me introduce you to Treasure Nails aka my new obsession and a local Miami fly-girl sensation! Basically, a base coat is applied and crystals are applied one-by-one to your nail of choice or in a full set. I managed to capture the process with my one free hand…peep my Instagram skills:

Before: My plain-jane nails…

First, Meika applied a glittery-base to my already gel-manicured nails. She then applied the crystals, one-by-one while the base was still wet.

After: My Treasure Nail!

In my mind I wanted to believe that I could do this myself, but I’d end up looking like a craft store reject. If you are in Miami, check out Tippie Toes (the home of Treasure Nails) and get your own set of custom nail bling or go to your own local nail expert and try to remix it.

Top images by Chris Mosier, courtesy of SocietePerrier.com

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