French Montana’s ‘Shot Caller’ Video, Deb Antney’s Still My Hero

I was really trying to finish my deadlines today but then I saw that French Montana, a nice guy/ rapper from Uptown New York, announced his signing to Diddy‘s Bad Boy Records — people are still doing this? WHY? — by releasing his long-overdue “Shot Caller” video. But really, I wasn’t excited until I saw the cameo from Deb Antney, aka the Boss who thugged her way through hip-hop, terrified Allhiphop video viewers and convinced Gucci Mane, after he fired her, that he was nothing without her. Oh, and she also manages French Montana and her son, Waka Flocka. See why I love her? She’s taken all that this sometimes grimey hip-hop game has thrown at her and kept her multi-colored wig tight. *applause* Check out French Montana, who I actually met in Atlanta last year when I thankfully didn’t get shot at some place called Club Miami, in his much-delayed clip for “Shot Caller.” Shout to Timmhotep for putting me on to “Shot Caller” after one month in Los Angeles’ hip-hop radio-less waste land.

ps. S/O to French’s belly, aka what Rick Ross hath wrought.

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