Parlour’s Best Of 2011!: ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Cast Gets Ratchet In Miami … And Everywhere Else

Since we’re on a mental and physical vacation this week — I’m in Connecticut, Shannon’s in New Jersey, then London and Paris, and Sherry’s in Adele’s favorite city — we’re serving up Parlour’s Best of 2011! Each day this week, you’ll get a chance to reminisce on what made us all laugh, cry and suck our teeth during the last 12 months. I dug up a few of our faves! Ready?


We love to hate VH1’s strangle hold on reality television that’s turned Monday nights into #rachetmondays. Yes, #ratchetmondays thanks to Parlour columnist Nakia D. Hansen and shows like “Love & Hip Hop.” From punches (Hi Tami) and kicks (yes, you Chrissy) to disappearing child support checks (waves at Sheree) and “I’m very rich!” declarations (Oh, NeNe), it’s been quite a ride. And while I’d still love to interview Rodney from my guilty pleasure “The A-List,” Parlour got the scoop on the rough and tumble filming madness of “Love & Hip Hop” while chatting with Ms. Yandy Smith. Heart.   Read the rest

Chrissy Lampkin of “Love & Hip-Hop” isn’t just tussling with newcomer Kimbella, she’s also beefing with another cast mate, Yandy Smith. Yandy, Jim Jones’s manager who I met years ago in New York, has always been a sweetheart and a professional. However, like Shaunie O’Neal, reality television can make anyone look crazy and it’s Yandy’s turn in the firey, possibly tacky pit. While she didn’t disclose anything herself due to contractual obligations with VH1, I heard from a reliable source — at 5 A.M. PST, smh —  that Yandy and Chrissy came to blows at a club while taping in Miami and there were goons waiting for Yandy back at the hotel, thanks to Chrissy. Really, ladies? Is this what “Basketball Wives” hath wrought? Of course, we’ll reach out to Chrissy’s camp as well for her side since we’re all journalistic here at Parlour.

But first, we chatted with Yandy first about “Love & Hip-Hop” season two, managing Jim’s career and Chrissy’s emotions and what really happened in Miami.

Parlour: In the “Love & Hip-Hop” super-trailer, it looks like Chrissy convinces Jim to fire you?

Yandy Smith: Oh gosh, the editing makes it look like Chrissy is shutting it down and next clip I look like I’m begging Jimmy to listen to me.

We heard you and Chrissy came to blows during a taping, what can you tell us?

Whenever you’re a woman in the entertainment industry, you’ve got to deal with the wives and girlfriends of your artists. I’m cool with all of my other clients and their ladies but when women have insecurities or feel threatened by your career, they act bad and if they’re a hood chick, they’ll act hood.

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