Parlour’s Best Of 2011!: Maurica Says ‘DAS IT!,’ We Fall Out Laughing

Since we’re on a mental and physical vacation this week — I’m in Connecticut, Shannon’s in New Jersey, then London and Paris, and Sherry’s in Adele’s favorite city — we’re serving up Parlour’s Best of 2011! Each day this week, you’ll get a chance to reminisce on what made us all laugh, cry and suck our teeth during the last 12 months. I dug up a few of our faves! Ready? 


On a freezing day in February, our slang was changed forever thanks to a comedian named Yannis Pappas and his sketch character, pre-opt transsexual Maurica. Few people can capture the attitude that embodies New York’s cultural mismash in the Lower East Side, mix it with well-placed humor and manage not to offend anyone. Online dating profile and plantanos FTW! DAS IT! Read the rest

Last week, as I lamped on my couch (yes, I said lamped) my girl Chloé, who’s a comedian and my co-host on I’m Sayin’ with Chloé and Hills!, shot me this YouTube link. Not knowing what to expect, I clicked it and when I tell you I was literally at a loss for words before I burst out laughing … In short, whomever this guy is, he’s hilarious and I’m a fan of his new catchphrase: “Das It!” used after every sentence.

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