‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’: Tom Cruise, Paula Patton, Jeremy Renner are Action-Packed!

Bomb detonation, butt kicking, skyscraper scaling — this is all in day’s work for the Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol team. Veteran agent Ehan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, is back and ready for more action in the latest M:I installment, out in IMAX theaters on December 16 and regular film houses on December 21, and this time the cast heads to Russia. After the Kremlin in Moscow is bombed, Agent Hunt and his Impossible Mission Force Team are targeted as the culprits and must clear their names without assistance from the United States government.

Director Brad Bird, who’s best known to my younger sister for his work on Ratatouille and The Incredibles, gave his award winning animation talents a break to take on the greatest live-action challenge on film … and he was successful.

All that running behind daughter Suri since the 2006’s Mission Impossible III has paid off because Cruise is smoking hot as Hunt. At 49 years old, Cruise still chases bad guys at lightning speed, fights like a skilled ninja, oh, and climbs the world’s tallest skyscraper in Dubai with ease. One would think that for a film franchise like Mission: Impossible the movies would eventually become less engaging along with Cruise himself but not so. Sure, no one cares about the film’s plot, we’ve heard it one too many times in action/suspense thrillers; “We must save the world from being nuked!” Honestly, all I wanted from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was action and the IMF team served it up, with their own individual flare.

Paula Patton’s role as Agent Jane Carter isn’t a breakout performance but she tackled the fast-paced action gig, stepping away from her usual dramatic roles in films like Precious. Mrs. Thicke’s drop-dead gorgeous looks were also put to use, as she played bait to snare the Mission: Impossible villain. Patton played her position as a humble and smart junior agent but her greatest contribution was a chick fight, when she avenges her beau.

Cruise did a great job doing what he does best, being an action star, but supporting actor Jeremy Renner’s performance as chief analyst Brandt really grabbed my attention. Renner’s chemistry with Cruise was as smooth and crisp as the suits the characters wore on a hot summer’s day in Mumbai sipping tea with crazed killers. Renner brought mystery and internal conflict to the IMF team, when at one point Brandt’s background and intentions were unclear but I really hope if Cruise chooses to accept another mission, Agent Brandt will be by his side.

All in all, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was a fun ride. From Moscow to Dubai to Mumbai, I wanted to fly on the private jet to destination unknown and speed past camels in the sexy, futuristic BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. Deep down inside, I wished I was a secret agent living life on the edge but could I do it as effortlessly as Agent Hunt? Probably not.

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