Rihanna’s ‘You Da One’ Video Gives ‘A Clockwork Orange’ And Gold Teeth


One could say that we’ve talked about Rihanna quite a bit this week and that one would be correct. Thank God RihRih lightened the “niggabitch” mood by releasing the video for “You Da One,” the latest single from her new album Talk That Talk. Did I mention that I love Talk That Talk? Oh, it’s kinda amazing because I can play the LP all the way through without skipping. Naturally, I stop on “Birthday Cake” and “Cockiness” because I’m a feminist enough to enjoy songs referencing sexuality in a powerful way by a woman —word to Shannon and that Gloria: In Her Own Words documentary I just watched — but they’re also amazing rhythms with sassy lyrics, a combination for my happiness. While “You Da One” isn’t displacing “We Found Love” as my favorite video of the year, Rihanna does give new meaning to A Clockwork Orange and somehow makes me think of Lisa Stansfield. Next to Beyoncé, Rih is definitely my favorite pop star and not because we occupied Barbados in November. Watch “You Da One” below:

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