Parlour’s Best Of 2011!: Tyler Perry Doesn’t Impress ‘For Colored Girls’ Author Ntozake Shange

Since we’re on a mental and physical vacation this week — I’m in Connecticut, Shannon’s in New Jersey, then London and Paris, and Sherry’s in Adele’s favorite city — we’re serving up Parlour’s Best of 2011! Each day this week, you’ll get a chance to reminisce on what made us all laugh, cry and suck our teeth during the last 12 months. I dug up a few of our faves! Ready?


Shannon is an old school expert on “for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuff ” while I was a bit late to the party. Still, the controversy surrounding Tyler Perry’s remake starring Janet Jackson and Kerry Washington among others stirred up such a controversy I read the original choreo-poem just so I could watch the film from an educated place. If I hated it, it’d be because it sucked, not because the black girl mafia told me to. And now? Of course, I haven’t been in a mood yet where I’m able to be that depressed. Maybe in 2012? Hell, even the “for colored girl” author bought the film bootleg to end her experience with the choreo-poem and we filmed her talking about it all. Read the rest

Noted urban culture critic Michaela angela Davis and legendary poet and author Ntozake Shange recently sat down for a discussion of Shange’s for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuff, it’s adaptation into the film For Colored Girls, black feminism and plenty more recently at The Brooklyn Museum in New York. With an audience comprised mostly of women of color from 18-60+, the two women shared candid thoughts on Tyler Perry, Egypt, and issues that are facing black women and girls today without going all “angry/sad black women/gripe session” on us. It’s humorous, frank, refreshing and real. It’s a lengthy talk, but a nice way start to a slow Valentine’s Day morning. After all, we gotta love ourselves before we start giving it away to anyone else.

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