U.S. President Barack Obama Sings Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together,’ We Melt

Last night, U.S. President Barack Obama showed us again why we love him. He’s just so black! And contrary to the meaning in that Sir Mix-a-lot video, this concept of Obama’s blackness is a good great thing. I was just telling the @Parlourmagazine roomie this morning that I love a man comfortable in his own skin. Regardless of what people may say about Obama — and believe me, for our Parlouristas outside of the States, it’s a lot of negative points during this Republican race for whomever I’m not going to vote for anyway — Barry keeps his cool, makes his rounds and pays homage to the Reverend Al Green who was in the audience during the Apollo fundraiser in Harlem, New York on Thursday. What drove it all home was the head tilt Obama gave the hooting audience after he sang “Let’s Stay Together” like a swept up preacher, like ‘You know what it is.’ Can’t you just picture Barack and Michelle dancing to “Let’s Stay Together” at the White House after a day of foolishness on Fox News? Love. Him.

Watch below for your mid-morning dose of all things awesome:

props: HuffPo

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