Baby Blue Ivy Carter NYC Clothing Line Begun By Stranger?

In addition to Jay-Z still using the word “bitch” following the birth of he and wife Beyoncé‘s baby girl Blue Ivy Carter, there is new foolishness afoot. A man named Joseph Mbeh has filed a trademark application with the office of U.S. Patent and Trademark for a kids line of clothing called “Blue Ivy Carter NYC.” Seriously, he’s trying to name a new clothing line after the Carter baby’s entire name and he’s not even family or at least a friend — not that a family relation would make all of this OK. Who does that?

Mbeh better watch out before hip-hop’s royal couple get all Bjork on him.

“We have a line of clothing which is an elite brand,” Mbeh told The Daily News and when the paper asked him about the obvious lack of taste and respect of privacy concerning his actions on Tuesday he offered a quick “No comment.”

Mbeh’s “Blue Ivy Carter NYC” application is still awaiting approval, according to The Smoking Gun. Hopefully it will be denied.

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