Beyoncé, Jay-Z Welcome Baby Blue Ivy: A Parlour Breakdown

Congratulations to Beyoncé and Jay-Z for their first child together, love Parlour. No, seriously. I am really happy for them and I can’t wait to see the first photos of the baby on W or Vogue or something, a fashion forward photo shoot is a magazine’s wet dream. Here’s what we know:

– Baby girl’s name is Blue Ivy, not #ivyblue. Some might call that middle name a nod to the couple being crazy in love with the number 4. The numeral is Bey’s latest album title, their wedding date, their birthdays (Bey on Sept. 4 and Jay on Dec. 4) and the roman numeral would be IV. Get it?

– Blue arrived on the scene after a C-section, which means Bey’s pretty brave. Yeesh. Actually, giving birth all around seems pretty brave to us. “My vagina will never be the same!” (c) Knocked Up.

– Gwneyth Paltrow, who corrected fans via Twitter on Jayonce’s baby’s name, is probably a shoe in for godmother or at least a consultant on high brow, unprocessed baby foods and unusual names. We see you Apple.

– St. Luke’s is officially the Cipriani’s of hospitals, Alicia Keys gave birth to her son, Egypt, there last year. Perhaps because for a bank roll, you can close off an entire section of the facility and have your famous baby in peace, surrounded by wine bottles. But be careful, that’s how Mariah Carey and dem babies got in trouble.

– Blue might sound sad as a name but it’s also the title of Miles Davis’ most popular album, Kind of Blue. Get into it.

– Beyoncé’s 30 years old, the age at which she wanted to begin her family. Hi-five for sticking with your life plan, that shit’s hard.

– Blue Ivy came into the world at a hospital in New York City, so she’s officially already a Gotham City girl. Sorry Houston. Also, Bey and Jay should start signing her up for schools —kindergarten through high school — now so she can live that “Gossip Girl” life. We hear it’s a boxing match out there in the pre-k world.

– Shouts to Solange, who will probably be the coolest auntie a girl could ever have. We wonder if Blue will be feisty like her aunt or demure like her mom? Or maybe a great combo of both.

– Jay-Z’s recently released jam “Glory” featuring Blue Ivy Carter sounds like it may be our “Isn’t She Lovely” … just me? Also, love that the baby’s already racking up those publishing dollars. Get it!

Cheers to eternity of celeb baby photos that this glorious occasion will afford us. Woot!

props: Billboard, Us Weekly, Life+Times

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