Beyoncé Still Pregnant?, Katy Perry, Russell Brand Divorce + Drake’s New Girl

Happy new year ladies! Welcome to 2012! We Parlour ladies will be back online fully tomorrow — it’s a holiday in the U.S. — but here’s Beyoncé‘s recent performance of “I Was Here” during a show she held in London. Were any of you there?

ps. Despite all the pregnancy rumors, Solange tweeted that Bey was the cutest pregnant woman ever yesterday at their family NYE party so looks like we may have to wait for hip-hop’s golden child a wee bit longer. And Drake pulled a Kanye West by getting back together, or at least hanging out with, his ex-girlfriend Nebby. Elsewhere, Katy Perry and Russell Brand announced their divorce while you were drinking wine and I was on a Sons of Anarchy viewing bender. Here’s to a fresh start for the new year! Watch Beyoncé after the jump.

props: NecoleBitchie, Yardie, MTV

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