Chimamanda Adichie On The Danger Of A Single Story

Need an idea, inspiration or want to learn something new? Look no further than your computer and TED Talks. After engaging in some heated discussions while in London recently that centered around cultural stereotyping and misconception, I found this video endearing. Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Adichie shares her views on the dangers of a single story, or rather what happens when we only hear and believe a single story or idea about another person or country. Kinda like Phaedra of RHOA who consistently verbally associates the entire continent of Africa with bare-chested women when trying to mention how cosmopolitan she is—sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Basically, when you allow yourself to expand your global perspective, you also open yourself to experiences, travels and friends that not only enrich your life but open the door to new opportunities and more. Check it out below and be inspired:

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