D’Angelo Returns Triumphantly At Stockholm Concert: Here’s Video Proof

While we weren’t lucky enough to attend D’Angelo‘s return from obscurity in Stockholm this week, we are lucky that the Department of Justice hasn’t shut down YouTube. Thanks to SoulBounce and PinBoardBlog, I’ve found a few videos to see the Brown Sugar man’s comeback below. He’s not back to his “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” svelte shape but I do see the outline of a nicely shaped bicep so that whole ODB look-a-like phase appears to be over.

For the real D’Angelo stans, here’s a bit of D’s tour manager Tina Farris’ blog account of the soul singer journey toward this tour. She also happens to be the woman who gave me a book that sharpened my tenacity in college, therefore will always have a special place in my heart, kinda like ?uestlove:

He Got on the Plane.
Praise Jesus.  The knot in my stomach is slowly unraveling. I know once he gets on stage … once he finally makes it on the stage … he’s gonna remember why he loved it all in the first place. Since day 1 at rehearsals, I’ve been hoping, praying for a spot on this tour.  Oh, sure. I’ve done the Peas, Nicki, Wayne … all for much more money, ‘tis true … but nothing has moved my soul quite like this 12-year sabbatical and any possible return? I wanted a part of the action.
Of course, as a minion, it’s not easy to keep my mouth shut – I mean since I know everything and all – but I try. [Read more on OkayPlayer]

Here are D’Angelo’s remaining European dates:

Jan. 27         Copenhagen
Jan. 29         Paris
Jan. 20, 31   Amsterdam
Feb. 3, 4       London
Feb. 6           Oslo
Feb. 7            Zurich
Feb. 9            Amsterdam
Feb. 10          Stockholm

“Chicken Grease”

New song called “Sugar Daddy” according to the googles.

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