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Free Justin Bieber and Stop SOPA, PIPA Censorship: Join Us!

image courtesy of Turkey Setimes

Morning to our U.S. ladies and afternoon to our U.K. ladies. We may look a bit blank today but it’s for good reason. We’re standing in solidarity with sites like Wikipedia, Racialicious and more by protesting against the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA)/ Protect IP Act (PIPA) bill coming up for discussion and vote in the American Congress on January 24. Why should you care? If this bill passes sites like ours won’t have the freedom to share your favorite music, like those DJ mixes you like? Killed. Those funny videos we post? No more. Essentially, the “Protect-IP” bill means Read the restthe U.S. government will be able to stop and sue whatever websites they feel are leaking their property but what the legislation can lead to is an uncontrollably … controlled Internet space where freedom of speech can come up for debate. Remember when Onsmash and other sites were shut down on Thanksgiving back in 2010? Naturally, we like to have the freedom to say everything we’re thinking from the adorable phrase “Fuck” to admitting we like Justin Bieber, even if he does look like a baby lesbian, in a safe space.

Join the protest by sending an automated letter — you don’t even have to write it, just insert your email, name and zip code! — to your local Congress person and let your Web voice be heard! For a more thorough explanation, watch the video below:

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