Nicki Minaj’s ‘Stupid Hoe’ Video: The Parlour Review

courtesy of MTV

I wasn’t going to post this new Nicki Minaj video for her creatively titled song “Stupid Hoe” until Monday but fine. I just watched it on YouTube and you probably will want to watch it too.

The Positives:

– Nicki doesn’t look, as my Grandmother would say, a hooksy. I love this woman’s flow but her ability to consistently look like the unwanteds bin at a thrift shore continues to hurt my feelings and frustrate me. Her wigs, makeup and outfits in “Stupid Hoe” are the best she’s looked in awhile.

– The video’s overall production and special effects, like when she transforms from a tiger into herself — though she’s caged which makes me think of Venus Hottentot, not a good thing — or creatively references Grace Jones‘ iconic photograph, are visually appealing and professional.

– Her last line directed at Lil’ Kim saying “Stupid hoes is my enemy, stupid hoes is so wack. Stupid hoe should’ve befriended me, then she could’ve probably came back” is hilarious and most likely, true. Though to be honest, Kim’s personal disorganization probably would’ve stifled her return because I seriously doubt Nicki’s dislike of Kim is causing the Queen B to be blacklisted. Kim just doesn’t have any hits or a team that’s supporting her in the right way, period.

– Nicki finally gets her bare ass shot, though it’s via a doll, that she tried so hard to insert into her “Right Thru Me” clip but the censors wouldn’t allow. Is it weird that I find this move empowering? It’s as if she can choose to degrade (or perhaps the better term is boast her assetts?) herself in her own clip, instead of Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)” video? She’s claiming her own sexuality, saying “You know you want it” with each shake but keeping any and all profits she makes from said actions for herself and the promotion of her own career? Too intellectual?

The Negatives

– Nicki’s 30+ years in the world despite the 20-something stage age and she’s too damn old to be making diss songs using expletives people our age employed as tenth graders. Stop it, B. No, really, stop. Minaj is a talented MC that should be held to better standards. “Roman’s Revenge” was awesome the first time, but the redux(es) are becoming a bit Game vs. 50 Cent.

– The beat might hook me the next few times I hear it because it is so catchy and uses the same claps I love from “Dance (A$$).” Still, outside of a Ball, I don’t see me listening to this song on purpose unless I’m forced to by Hot 97’s daily rotation. Please no, Ebro and fam?

– If picking fights with Kim is the basis for Minaj’s entire sophomore album, Roman’s Revenge, dropping now on April 3, then I’m almost as disappointed in her music as I am in her fashion choices. Not like this Nicki, not like this.

Watch “Stupid Hoe” below and tell me what you think, ladies:

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  • Chemicalhurricane

    I found this video to be horrendously disappointing. I’m used to more originality from her than ‘You’re a stupid hoe.’ And the video is…I don’t even know what it is. But I know it’s not anywhere near her best.

  • Princess

    This sh*t is annoying….

  • the sophmoric insults are getting really old. does this really qualify for lyricism these days? total waste of celluloid (& silicone for that matter)

  • Matsk740

    I kept expecting a song to start, but was just one long intro.  And it sucked…

  • Watched it twice to really get what I thought about it. I agree with the look of it. Surprised yet unsurprised that it’s a Hype Williams’ joint. It had all of that Belly look with a little less grease maybe? 
    As for the song, the first 60 seconds is all you can listen to before it’s terribly redundant and begins it’s decline into less than clever territory. I liked the Grace Jones nod too but would’ve liked to see more shots of the whole thing instead of that weird close-up with the cocked leg. 
    As always though, Nicki is fun and crazy. I can accept that. I’ll say lay off Kim from here on out because that’s the real tragedy in all of this. Kim used to be my girl!

  • I have to say the first time I watched the video it was very difficult for me to get through, and then I just didn’t have any words. Seeing a second time, on mute out of courtesy for my brain cells, visually one of her better videos. The song, have a seat. 

    I would also like to add the background dancers as a “Pro”

  • Herb Stern

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  • Big thumbs down, terrible song, ok video. Hype Williams is better then that. Its sad when you have a creative person choosing to be awful.

  • For the author’s information, Nicki Minaj is 29 until December 8th. Thank You.

  • DIIISSSSSapointed

    I agree. I really feel like Nicki Minaj is stooping right down to Lil Kim’s level by having the first two singles off her 2nd album diss songs directed toward Kim: “Stupid Hoe & “Roman In Moscow”. I know she prob won’t say Roman in Moscow is directed toward Kim, but then who else?! She could be so much better if she would just ignore Kim’s mouth and be herself. The best way to show disinterest: to not pay ANY attention…..let alone make a diss song about it! 

    O yes, and this song is a joke! All the video does is make it interesting.



    P.S.: Just Do You! Do You Baby Girl!

  • Sherry

    This is so horrible.  Is she serious with this? 

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s really avant garde, borderline kitschy mixed with harijuku, and I appreciate the aesthetic she’s going for here, since this is in essence a war over an image both of them claim to have. I can’t stop laughing though at the folks who thought the strobe shot was an actual woman in a thong. It’s a plastic Barbie doll. 

    I think BET’s sensationalized ban of the video is ironic, given the other crap they’ve allowed to play – “No Hands” and “Rack City” come to mind- and I think it’s emblematic of a double standard that needs to be addressed.