Nicki Minaj’s ‘Stupid Hoe’ Video: The Parlour Review

courtesy of MTV

I wasn’t going to post this new Nicki Minaj video for her creatively titled song “Stupid Hoe” until Monday but fine. I just watched it on YouTube and you probably will want to watch it too.

The Positives:

– Nicki doesn’t look, as my Grandmother would say, a hooksy. I love this woman’s flow but her ability to consistently look like the unwanteds bin at a thrift shore continues to hurt my feelings and frustrate me. Her wigs, makeup and outfits in “Stupid Hoe” are the best she’s looked in awhile.

– The video’s overall production and special effects, like when she transforms from a tiger into herself — though she’s caged which makes me think of Venus Hottentot, not a good thing — or creatively references Grace Jones‘ iconic photograph, are visually appealing and professional.

– Her last line directed at Lil’ Kim saying “Stupid hoes is my enemy, stupid hoes is so wack. Stupid hoe should’ve befriended me, then she could’ve probably came back” is hilarious and most likely, true. Though to be honest, Kim’s personal disorganization probably would’ve stifled her return because I seriously doubt Nicki’s dislike of Kim is causing the Queen B to be blacklisted. Kim just doesn’t have any hits or a team that’s supporting her in the right way, period.

– Nicki finally gets her bare ass shot, though it’s via a doll, that she tried so hard to insert into her “Right Thru Me” clip but the censors wouldn’t allow. Is it weird that I find this move empowering? It’s as if she can choose to degrade (or perhaps the better term is boast her assetts?) herself in her own clip, instead of Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)” video? She’s claiming her own sexuality, saying “You know you want it” with each shake but keeping any and all profits she makes from said actions for herself and the promotion of her own career? Too intellectual?

The Negatives

– Nicki’s 30+ years in the world despite the 20-something stage age and she’s too damn old to be making diss songs using expletives people our age employed as tenth graders. Stop it, B. No, really, stop. Minaj is a talented MC that should be held to better standards. “Roman’s Revenge” was awesome the first time, but the redux(es) are becoming a bit Game vs. 50 Cent.

– The beat might hook me the next few times I hear it because it is so catchy and uses the same claps I love from “Dance (A$$).” Still, outside of a Ball, I don’t see me listening to this song on purpose unless I’m forced to by Hot 97’s daily rotation. Please no, Ebro and fam?

– If picking fights with Kim is the basis for Minaj’s entire sophomore album, Roman’s Revenge, dropping now on April 3, then I’m almost as disappointed in her music as I am in her fashion choices. Not like this Nicki, not like this.

Watch “Stupid Hoe” below and tell me what you think, ladies:

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