Santigold’s ‘Big Mouth’ Pop Art Video Reminds Us We’re Hipsters

Sometimes I forget that I’m a hipster. Blipster? I get so busy thinking about careers, relationships, 401ks … grad school that I forget my previous affinity for all things Santigold and American Apparrell. Thankfully the Philadelphia native-Brooklyn transplant released a new video for “Big Mouth” featuring her emotionless background dancers, which I’d still love to join. Santigold uses the offbeat production of Switch and Burka Som System and some kid’s coloring book mixed in with pop art to get the job done in this clip. I also notice that even she’s grown up a bit and is wearing a form fitting Tina Turner-ish dress. Go ‘head Santi!

Does “Big Mouth” make me want to play it everyday for five hours? Not yet, but I am jamming on my laptop right now. Santi’s “Big Mouth” feels like a big hug from my creative side. Thanks, girl.

Watch the clip below and tell me what you think:

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