Scissor Sisters’ ‘Shady Love’ Video Celebrates Unhappy Kids

Despite the awesomeness of the dance-glam group the Scissor Sisters, their clip for the new song “Shady Love” is chronically unhappy. At least thanks to the kids performing some sort of stoic school play.

In the “Shady Love” video, which doesn’t show anyone from the Scissors Sisters or Krystal Pepsy, a.k.a. rising hip-hop artist Azealia Banks according to HitFix who’s featured on the song, a group of tweens perform an elaborate play in front of an audience you’d think they borrowed from that Blind Melon video. Meanies. Anyway, I still like the song, which is the lead single from the group’s fourth as-yet-untitled album. Reminds me that I need to cop Night Work … Listen below and tell me what you think of both the clip and the track. Read the rest.

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