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2Morrows Victory: Fresh Sounds of South London

There’s a movement emerging in South London. Fresh full of talent ranging from lyricists and singers to producers and instrumentalists, each bringing a little bit of funk in their own right.  They fall under 2Morrows Victory Records, started by a group that goes by the same name, led by GregB a young lyricist from Chicago.  Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of checking out J’Danna (16) and Joey (17) two young artists from the 2Morrows Victory collective who graced the stage at Giles Peterson’s annual Worldwide Awards, singing their own rendition of Gil Scott Heron’s classics “The Revolution will not be Televised” and “Winter in America.”

It was all part of a tribute performance in honor of the legendary poet and musician.  They were tasked with creating their own versions of each song, with backing tracks produced by the guys from 2Morrows Victory.  To say that they rocked the stage would be an understatement– and each with a confidence that they commanded the audience’s attention, despite being only 16 and 17 years old.

Joey and J’Danna’s tracks from the Worldwide Awards were just released late last week via Soundcloud. Click HERE to download.

And here’s a little something from 2Morrows Victory (the group).  Enjoy!

2Morrows Victory, Lost & Found

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