Stephen Lawrence Murderers Found Guilty In England, Hate Crime Resolved?

courtesy of Sky News

Nineteen years ago, a young man named Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death in a racist attack by a group of young men while waiting for a bus in his Southeast London neighborhood. Today, Gary Dobson and David Norris were found guilty of his murder and his killers were finally brought to justice. Why did this verdict take so long? Well, the story of Stephen Lawrence’s murder trial has become yet another example of the value of black lives in the UK.   After Lawrence’s death, five suspects were arrested but none were convicted. Then six years later, Sir William MacPhearson led further inquiry into the handling of the case by the Metropolitan Police and found that the force had been “institutionally racist.” Finally last May, Dobson and Norris — who were two of the original suspects — were called to trial after prosecutors claimed blood, hair and fibers linked to Mr Lawrence were found on clothing seized from the defendants’ homes, proving they were involved in the 1993 attack. Dobson and Norris’ will appear before in court for sentencing tomorrow, Tuesday (January 3).

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