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Take The AfroPunk Survey And Help Change The Game

“Catering to an urban kids? Put a rapper in it! … New beauty product for black women? Lets use a fair-skinned model and dress her in purple, because they like purple!”

While not verbatim, these are conversations that have actually happened in the boardrooms of the brands that we buy. And sadly, I’ve been a part of a few of them (seething on the inside) in my career. But things are changing, and now it’s time for you to play your part. We know urban culture—because we live and create it. But unfortunately we aren’t all marketers, which leads to commercials and media that think they are catering to our crowd but miss the mark completely. Remember those Summer’s Eve commercials? Right.

Newsflash America. We aren’t all the same. some of us like rock over rap, and could care less about the latest Tyler Perry movie, but know every graphic novel that Alan Moore has ever made. The AfroPunk crew gets this, and is conducting a research project to gather information to challenge how our community is perceived in the media. Our girl Michaela angela Davis does a pretty great job breaking it down here:

So how can you get down with changing the way our images are created and presented? Take the AfroPunk survey!
Your information will be kept strictly anonymous and your information will not be sold or traded. There are about 50 questions, some of them being pretty though-provoking, so have fun with it and know that your answers will affect culture.

>> click here to take the survey <<

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