Watch New ‘Daily Show With Jon Stewart’ Anchor Jessica Williams

Image via Robyn Von Swank

“The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” one of my favorite shows just got better. The long-standing fake news program welcomed new faux anchor Jessica Williams last Thursday. And she’s black! I’m pretty excited about that especially since Wyatt Cenac will no longer be alone in the ironically and often racial confusing sketch pool. Here’s to Ms. Williams joining the “Daily Show” team and her ability to get her feet wet and turn this gig into feature film looks. Watch her debut below and congrats Jessica!

Also, here’s her background per the Comedy Central website, thought it would be on their Tublr but … nope:

Jessica Williams is an actress, writer, and all-around funny lady from Los Angeles, California. She credits her ability to be hilarious on her very large funny bone. No really, she has been six feet tall since she was in middle school. At first she was awkward and super weird. Then she became funny and still super weird.
Jessica then became a “comedic animal.” She was funny, but intense and domineering. She was only blood- thirsty for the giggles and laughter of others. To fill her insatiable appetite, Jessica threw herself into the intense and cut-throat world of improv and sketch comedy. She frantically performed in shows with “ComedySportz: The College Team” and at the “Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre”. A lot of people died laughing.
After practically “killing it” at every single comedic venue in Los Angeles, Jessica decided it was time to conquer New York City. This year, she joined “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” as a new correspondent. Jessica plans to destroy everything that she sees both comedically and physically. As a result, there are a lot of things broken around the studio. She loves it.

ps. LOL at “Abusive sky writing”

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