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Travel Bits: Belize Deals, New York Delays, Trip Advisor Scandals & More

This deal for the Ka’ana Boutique Resort and Spa in Belize  for $300/night seems almost too good to be true. [JetSetter]

New York, it’s one of the greatest cities on earth—but it’s three major airports account for nearly half of ALL flight delays in the U.S. According to this article, weather is the major reason but we all know that it’s really due to New Yorker’s showing up fashionable late for everything. [NYT]

Oh hey, wanna go to Naxos, Greece and stay in this luxury villa with three friends for four days and three nights for under $1000? Because I do. [LL]

Delta Airlines and U.S. Airways? This could be happening, but I guarantee you it won’t make Delta’s food any better. [WSJ]

Employees being bullied into posting fake Trip Advisor reviews? Let’s act surprised! [HC]

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