Tyga Saves Nicki Minaj Look-a-like In ‘Rack City’ Video

YAAAASSS! Tyga‘s repetitious “Rack City” record finally has a video so we can watch it … online. LOL, but seriously “Rack City” has become the inside joke with my buddies, kind of like how Waka Flocka Flame’s “Oh Let’s Do It” became #ohledoit.

Me: “I need to go to the post office, want to come?”
Friend: “#ohledoit”

One note about this clip however, what’s with skinny rappers casting video models twice their size in width and curves as their “girlfriend” in videos? She can take you dude. Wait a tick, it’s actually like real life if you use Common (and Drake?) and Serena as a comparative example. Never mind. Also, tell me this model doesn’t sort of look like Nicki Minaj‘s general costume for appearances … Watch the clip and gig at your laptop with me:

Update*: The “Rack City” video model’s name is Blac Chyna and she’s employed as a dancer at Miami’s King of Diamonds strip club. According to Urban Daily, “The name may not sound familiar, but you might have actually seen or heard of her before. She was Nicki Minaj’s body double in Kanye West’s “Monster” video, and Drake shouted her out in “Miss Me.” Check her out below and if you’d like to visit Ms. Chyna at her place of business, follow these strip club rules please ladies!

sidenote: but let’s not forget about Tyga’s original “Rack City” video…which is stripper-tastic. See below – xoxo, Shannon

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