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Woman vs. Female — Which are You?

Chica, Lady, Girl, Missy, Chick, Mujer, etc…when you are of the female gender, no matter where you are in world, you grow up with many names to respond to. Depending on what language you use, you even speak with a male or female “voice.” But no matter what, you are a woman right? So what is the deal with people referring to women as “females?”

Personally, I’ve always been tickled when both men and women refer to ladies as “females” because I’ve always thought of “female” as a term to categorize sex, and “woman” to humanize the “female.” Get it? Especially since the term “female” is also used to describe animals, and I don’t have a tail. For many it’s interchangeable when describing vagina holders human or not, but sharing a home with 2 single men (and 5-6 of their friends) has led to a few observations, namely when the two terms are used. Normally, when the subject/tone is one of lament or aggravation towards women, the term “female” is used. When the subject/tone is more familial or personal, the term “woman/women” is used. What is even more interesting is that fact the term “female” is never used when describing little girls, when they are in fact females.

So which one do you prefer ladies? Is it even an issue for you? Amuse my curiosity in the comments below.

This vintage ad/picture has nothing to do with this post, other than the fact that I was drinking beer while writing it.

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