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Chris Brown’s ‘Turn Up The Music’ Video, Reunites With Rihanna

So … by now we’ve all seen Chris Brown‘s questionable comments, ie. “I’ve got a Grammy now, that’s the ultimate fuck off,” along with people personally feeling as he needs their forgiveness to move on with his life and career, ie. Miranda Lambert, etc. Here’s Chris Brown’s video for “Turn Up The Music” below but really, I’d rather hear your thoughts on:

Should Chris Brown and Rihanna be chastised by the public for their rekindled relationship?

Should strangers feel as if there opinions matter in The Grammy Awards’ decision to book Brown as a performer?

Does their upcoming remix of Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” send the wrong message to teens who watch the pair’s every move?

Where do parents fall in this conversation about relationship examples?

Why does Chris Brown continue to put his foot in his mouth?

Where’s Rihanna’s statement in all of this?

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