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Hennessy Youngman On Performance Art

“Marina Abramovic…you know she’s like the Dr. Dre of performance art.”

The best way to describe Art Thoughtz with Hennessy Youngman is to blend Ghostface Killah with your favorite modern art critic. His latest lesson? The medium that still baffles the minds of many—performance art. In this video, Henny breaks down the origins of performance art and states the obvious: that all of us could take our own life’s BS, act it out on a pedestal and be the next art world darling if we know how to work it. Because if one can make money by running through paper and remixing that into a political statement, I’m clearly in the wrong industry. Even if you aren’t the biggest art lover just look at his BET crew jacket, Angry Birds snap-back and crack up, because this is funny. Check out the video below:

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