Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Play Nice on ‘Ellen’

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony in happier times; per naijanedu

I’m all for awkward pauses this Friday, aren’t I? First Drake and Rihanna and now divorcees Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Still, you have to see her downplay her slapping Marc and accusing the editing team of inserting a louder smack than she delivered. Word, Jenny? Still, I appreciate that the broken couple can keep it together for collective interviews to get that paper for their new talent show, “¡Q’Viva!” But according to the third member of the “¡Q’Viva!” team, it’s not all roses.

“We laugh a lot,” Lopez told Ellen DeGeneres about she and Anthony’s current relationship. But Jamie King added, “Not always. I find myself in the middle refereeing sometimes.”

We can only imagine. Watch J.Lo and Marc’s exchange below:

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