M.I.A.’s ‘Bad Girl’ Video Makes Us Want To Race: Watch It!

image via PreFix

Damn you M.I.A.! I didn’t like your “Bad Girls” song without a visual but now that I’ve seen the speed racer video, my hipster heart can’t resist. Dammit.

In the clip, directed by Romain Gavras, who also helmed her “Born Free” video where all the kids with ginger hair were gunned down, M.I.A. pretty much just primps and poses with her buddies. My favorite part is the speed-racing that, if the VICE video I watched is correct, is the thing in Ramallah, Palestine and elsewhere in the Middle East. Kids steal cars, drag them across country lines and then race them to death — the cars not the kids. Sounds fun, eh? Almost like a summer party.

“I want it to be a summer thing ’cause it’s a summer record. As soon as I finish the Super Bowl, I’ve gotta do another couple of weeks with European producers,” M.I.A. told BBC’s Zane Lowe in an interview on Jan. 31 of her upcoming untitled LP.

Anyway, this clip more than makes up for the Madonna “Gimme All Your Luvin’ “ swill that M.I.A. called a guest verse. Enjoy!:

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