M.I.A. Talks Madonna, Nicki Minaj Super Bowl Show, Says New LP Will Be A ‘Summer Thing’

M.I.A.‘s got quite a bit on her plate these days, what with performing alongside Madonna and Nicki Minaj at Sunday’s Super Bowl, but next up, it’s all about everyone’s favorite season.

“I want it to be a summer thing ’cause it’s a summer record. As soon as I finish the Super Bowl, I’ve gotta do another couple of weeks with European producers,” M.I.A. told BBC’s Zane Lowe in an interview on Jan. 31 of her upcoming untitled LP.

Nice, since we’ve never really known M.I.A. to be a winter girl. Unless you count “Paper Planes” as a gnarly soundtrack to a snowball fight. As for hitting the stage with Madge and Minaj this Sunday as the New England Patriots and the New York Giants match up GO RAIDERS!?! What, we’re not playing? SO WHAT! M.I.A. seemed pretty unenthused.

“As musicians, we’re two women and we represent two opposite sides of the world,” she said of Madonna. “If we can come together on a piece of music or something like the Super Bowl, I feel like that’s actually a cool thing to see.”

All I want is for the halftime show to be a good as Prince’s Super Bowl performance, which was in the rain, while wearing doo-rag on a stage shaped like the symbol he used to be named after if I’m not mistaken. If no one is wearing a doo-rag, or Nicki Minaj is looking like this, then I quit. Also, just listened to M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” single below and it … sounds like it needs a nap. Just me? Listen and tell me what you think, though before you do, I dare say a Rick Ross remix drawing on the whole “live fast die young” thing would be a lovely treat. #justsayin:

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