Madonna, Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.’s Super Bowl Halftime Show: Watch It!

L to R: Nicki Minaj, Madonna

No, seriously, watch Madonna, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. along with the best computer screen I’ve ever witnessed in my life! Right now! Quick, before SOPA and them find out we posted it and zap the video link. No, for real.

What’d we think of Madonna’s Super Bowl takeover? In short, because I’m on that thera-flu, shout out to the @ParlourMagazine roomie:

– “Vogue” was a great song to start with, and while I’m sure it got a slew of “Yassssssss honey!” and “Go bitch” in major cities, was middle America ready for all that Willie Ninja homage?

– The guy on the tight rope? What was that? I thought he was balancing on that glass divider at first, then I realized the tight rope was his whole gig. Interesting.

– Cee-Lo in the choir robe = great but I really wanted him to do “Closet Freak” aka my favorite Cee-Lo song, and then have him ascend into the sky. Flyness. But alas we got “Like A Prayer” sans Leon, who was probably at home saying “I could still be a black Jesus dammit!”

– Nicki Minaj looked ah-mazing (c) Penny from “Happy Endings.” Better than she looked in the “Gimme All Your Lovin’ ” video, better outfit too.

– M.I.A. looked like she’d rather be drag racing in the Middle East … like, “Do we really have to shake these pom-poms guys? I’m too cool for this you know … ”

– Madonna is old, but who cares, between her, the music, all her surprise guests and that FUCKING SCREEN WITH THE VOGUE COVERS, I was mesmerized. Completely.**

** Madonna’s halftime show, however, was not better than Prince, in the doo-rag, in the rain, bathed in purple light. Just saying.

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