Three Valentine’s Mixtapes For The Lover In You

What’s better than Valentine’s day with your boo or with your girls? A good soundtrack to go along with it. Because you’re not likely to get anywhere with French Montana tonight. Be clear, we love French (he’s very sweet)—but not tonight. Check out these three Valentine’s Day inspired mixes that set the tone for this and any other special night from three of our favorite NYC-based party rockers, DJ Trauma, DJ Benhameen and Naturel. Let the body-rolling commence!

For The Lover In You Pt. 2 | DJ Trauma (above)
Judging from the artists featured on this mix (Jill Scott, Shalamar, Usher and Maxwell) this one is for a long night with your honey. It’s 23 tracks, so take a vitamin or something…

download here

Taste Of Heaven | DJ Benhameen
Aside from being a walking hip-hop encyclopedia, Ben is a total romantic. Don’t believe me? Follow him on Twitter and see for yourself. This mix is full of nostalgic cuts made for the living-room-dance-floor with your homies or whenever you are thinking about who you’re crushing on at the moment.

download here

Swoon | Naturel
Those of you who are down with The Stuyvesants already know how nice Naturel is with both lyrics and pen & ink—but he’s also quite a nice selector. About this mix, he says: “Syncopated elation…for your relations. A lil’ 80′s for y’all ladies. Electro-Grooves for the one you choose, or rather – the one that chooses you! I made this while thinking of her.”
Awwwwww. Seriously, get ready to do something naughty and nice while bumping this one.

download here

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