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U.S. President Obama — Birth Control Has No Co-Pay!

"Listen up, people ... "

After waiting, as @dmbaptiste said, with baited breath for whether I could save my birth control coins next month thanks to U.S. President Barack Obama‘s newest announcement, I think he just told me I won the NuvaRing lottery! Per MSNBC:

President Barack Obama announced Friday (Feb. 10) that the administration will not require religious-affiliated institutions to cover birth control for their employees.

Instead, the White House is demanding that insurance companies be responsible for providing free contraception.
Women will still get guaranteed access to birth control without co-pays or premiums no matter where they work, a provision of Obama’s health care law that he insisted must remain.

But religious universities and hospitals that see contraception as an unconscionable violation of their faith can refuse to cover it, and insurance companies will then have to step in to do so.

“Religious liberty will be protected,” said Obama from the press briefing room of the White House. He said religious groups had “genuine concerns” about the original mandate and criticized those seeking to turn the issue into a “political football.”

Not sure exactly when this kicks in, but I’m friggin’ thrilled. That NuvaRing bill ain’t cheap and I’m just trying to dodge all that baby fairy dust that’s going around in my 30’s. What do you think ladies?

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