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Whitney Houston Remembered By Wendy Williams: Watch!

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown in happier times

For those who are native New Yorkers, you’re probably more familiar with talk show host Wendy Williams‘ early radio days on WBLS. Every afternoon, Williams would, as she used to say, “get up on her perch” and spill the tea about everyone, including Mrs. Whitney Houston until the day Whitney called the radio station herself and it.was.unforgettable. Here’s the audio if you want to listen. The fallen icon was a mess and threatened Williams in an effort to stop her chatter but it was pure unadulterated Whitney Houston. This morning, Wendy Williams discarded her usual Hot Topics section of gossip for a heart-felt speech about her relationship with Houston and their shared struggles with drug abuse. Apparently, it’s been 15 years since Williams waited on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx for her drugs or smoked from a crack pipe and she feels blessed and aware of what her life could’ve been. While people can sometimes take moment of mass mourning, like the death of a pop star, and make it about themselves, I don’t think that’s what Williams did. And I respect her honesty.

Watch the video below and tell me what you think:

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