Brandy And Monica’s ‘It All Belongs To Me’ Video Brushes Off Bad Love: Watch It!

Brandy and Monica return to us with their first duet since “The Boy Is Mine” through the sassy “It All Belongs To Me.” I spoke to Brandy last month about her upcoming RCA album and the jolting loss of Whitney Houston. She shared the last advice her mentor shared with her.

On Whitney Houston: “I spoke to Whitney a few days ago and she said ‘Nobody can be you but you,’ ” Brandy remembered. “’You’re a star, you just get on stage and you shine. You’re a class act and just remember that.’ I took that in because she is my mentor, my idol, she’s the reason why I wanted to share my gift with the world, so to hear that coming from her and for those to be the last words she said to me, I’m going to do exactly what she said. I’m going to dedicate my life to being the best Brandy I can be.”

Sounds like good advice for all of us to heed, no? Check out Brandy and Monica’s “It All Belongs To Me” clip below:

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