Brit Singer Emeli Sande Talks Adele, Alicia Keys, Coldplay: Watch!

Morning folks, I am so tired. Moving like “Mary Mary” up the stairs when their managers said hurry up, slooooow. *wipes coal out of my eyes* Here’s a sit-down interview with U.K. songstress and chart-topper Emeli Sande, where she talks with Billboard‘s Ms. Erica Ramirez about creating her own sound (and name, her first name is Adele) in the pool of British talent with her first album Our Version of Events :

“It was when I saw how passionate people were about medicine. People would say, ‘I dreamt about being a doctor since I was four. That made me think, ‘I love medicine, this is very interesting, but what is the one thing I wanted to do since I was four? What’s the one thing I can really put my heart into?’ And at that point, I was like, ‘Well I think I should really pursue my real passion which is music.'”

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